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Smile Aesthetics

smıle aesthetıcs

When oral health and care is mentioned, first things that come to mind are a toothache, bad breath and dental caries, and even problems like teeth loss and treatments of these problems. However nowadays, aesthetic smiles provided with teeth and gum have also started to gain importance. Aesthetic problems that occur from gingivitis and dental caries, teeth deformity, discoloration related to genetical and environmental factors and teeth loss, can affect people’s social life. Besides that, it might even cause hesitation towards smiling in public, relatedly affecting one’s self-confidence.

As is known to all, the Internet, TV and social media has an undeniable influence in our lives. Our perception of admiration on figures of these media sources, have an extreme effect on our aesthetic concerns which are deeply related. Even when one has clinically healthy teeth, one might want to make disproportion of teeth and gum and deformities better aesthetically. While an aesthetic smile makes people mentally strong with the self-confidence it brings, it also will leave a brighter and better impression on other people.

With the development of scientific studies and technology, and with dentistry taking on a digital dimension, more aesthetic smiles can be procured with many procedures. Correspondingly, notions such as ‘Smile Aesthetic’, ‘Smile Design’ and ‘Cosmetic Dentistry’ started to make up for a bigger part in our lives day by day. 


What is Smile Design?

When Aesthetics and Dentistry comes together, naturally one of the notions that emerges is ‘Smile Design’.  Smile design is the process of giving a naturally and aesthetically perfect look to teeth and gum which are already aesthetically distorted, considering patients’ jaw structure and facial features, their needs with their unique style and even their personality. However, smile design in a multidisciplinary approach, as for that a healthy and tailor-made unique smile design is carried out with a lot of procedures together after a versatile review and detailed examination.

Which procedures Smile Design consist of?

Procedures to be applied must be decided in a personalized system because every patient’s jaw and facial structures and also characteristic and aesthetic perceptions may differ. While deciding on these procedures, elements such as the patient’s jaw structure, gender, age, style and expectations. 

At first, other medical problems that come with pre-existing dental cavities or gingivitis must get treated. After that, in case of any future dental cavities and inflammations, teeth cleaning procedures must be carried out. Later, according to patients’ requests and the dentist’s foresight, procedures get decided.  These procedures are; Gum and gum aesthetics operations called Gingivectomy,  Bleaching methods, Recovery of teeth loss with implants and prosthetic applications,  Porcelain laminates and crowning, Zirconium crowning and orthodontic treatments.

How should a smıle get desIgned?

Understanding patients’ aesthetic expectations correctly, paying attention to their needs, familiarizing with them and planning the treatment while taking these elements into account are crucial. First, planning must be done and then problems must be detected models prepared through measurements taken from the patients’ mouth. Later, calculations of conformity and measurements get done with images taken from exclusive digital programs and photos of patients’ face and mouth, together. The most accurate images from post-treatment are also presented through digital programs and temporary restorations prepared fully compatible with the patients, get applied.

After completing the planning, if there’s no need of orthodontic jawbone treatments, leveling disorders which cause deformations on the outlook of gum. In case of teeth loss which is one of the most important factors that affect the outlook, implant treatments and other surgical operations might be applied if needed. After completing the conformity and healing processes of surgical operations, bleaching gets applied if needed. After this phase, if there are still visual deformities, aesthetic composite filling can help getting rid of these deformities. In situations which these procedures are not adequate, porcelain laminates and filling and also zirconium crowning step in , as they are the most preferred aesthetics operations.

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