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When oral health and care is mentioned, first things that come to mind are a toothache, bad breath and dental caries, and even problems like teeth loss and treatments of these problems. However nowadays, aesthetic smiles provided with teeth and gum have also started to gain importance. Aesthetic problems that occur from gingivitis and dental caries, teeth deformity, discoloration related to genetical and environmental factors and teeth loss, can affect people’s social life. Besides that, it might even cause hesitation towards smiling in public, relatedly affecting one’s self-confidence.


Bleaching is the procedure of adjusting the color of the teeth to a tone which is suitable to original teeth color and the patient aesthetically, by removing discolorations on the teeth structure that happen for various reasons. Natural color of the teeth get darker in time. These concentrations affect the aesthetic of teeth and mouth integrity. They also cause self-confidence problems and even make patients avoid smiling in time. Bleaching procedures has been preferred in the recent years in which smile aesthetics have gained importance and delivers a huge advantage to the patients with its psychosocial aspect. 


Crowning is a way of treatment used for covering teeth which are broken, deformed or discolored for various reasons. It has a very durable structure and that’s why it gives the nearest results against high biting pressures compared to original teeth. The crown is more likely to lose its visual and functional qualities as it’s the first part of teeth to contact with food. That is why crowning is an ideal way to make this visible part retrieve its functions.


Uneven teeth are two or more teeth which have unwanted gaps in between them or shape deformity that cause aesthetical problems to patients. Uneven teeth and the problems they cause might be innate or happen later on due to a variety of reasons. It is a problem that every individual can experience regardless of age or gender. Uneven dental problems in children usually occurs in permanent teeth that come out after the shedding of the milk teeth. Before treating uneven teeth, the causes of formation should be examined.

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